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What Are The Jobs of a Urogynecologist?

Women with disorders in the pelvic floor needs the help of a urogynecologist.

A pelvic floor is a group of muscles and ligaments which give support to the bladder, uterus, and other internal organs of the woman.

Pelvic surgery, chronic diseases, childbirth, excessive strain and strenuous activity are among the causes of pelvic floor disorders. Aside from the above mentioned, cigarette smoking, genetics and excessive heavy lifting can also be among the causes of pelvic floor disorder.

Here are a number of problems which are caused by damage on the pelvic floor:

Incontinence: urine or feces leakage or the loss of control of bowel and bladder.
Prolapse: this is the slipping of an organ part of the body such as the uterus, rectum, or vagina.’
Emptying Disorders: slows down of stopping of urination or bowel movements.
Pain: muscle pain in the lower portion of the body such as the pelvis, urethra or bladder.
Overactive Bladder: urination in which you cannot control.
Fistulas: a surgical hole made in between a vagina and a urethra, a vagina and a rectum, and a vagina and a bladder
What makes a urogynecologist needed?
Urogynecologists are physicians who have earned a degree in medical school and are doing residency in the department of Urology and Obstetrics and Gynecology. They are certified fellows who can do surgical and non-surgical operations like Reproductive Surgery1 and Female Pelvic Medicine. They are professionals who can deal with the treatment and diagnosis of female pelvic organ which affected the muscle and connective tissues. This doctors are also well-versed with the latest research that focuses on such conditions.

When Would Be the Best Time to See a Urogynecologist?
Urologynecologists can be able to offer you a lot of expertise in this situation even you can also see your urologist or ob-gyn. Be sure to see a urologist when you are told to do so by another doctor or when the need arises that you are having discomforts in the pelvic area such as prolapse, emptying disorders, overactive bladder, and many more. If you are experiencing pain in the pelvic area, disorder in urinating and bowel movement, fistulas, and many more, then you should ask the assistance of a urogynecologist immediately.

How Can A Urogynecologist Help You?
Symptoms of pelvic floor disorders and back pains can be relieved by urogynecologists through kinds of therapies. You need to choose one who can suit your style and at the same time help you best.

Through his interventions and assistance, the urogynecologist might be able to help you live a better life. Your general health is very important which is why urogynecologists will ask you to proceed with a non-surgical or surgical treatment to improve your body’s situation.

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